A blog is like a beard.

In fact, a blog is EXACTLY like a beard. You forget about it for a little while, then it gets ratty and needs an overhaul.

Something new, something wonderful is coming, but it’s only about 1/2 done right now, just like my beard.

Yes, I think I need a trim

The surprise ISN’T a new look for Amuse or Bemused.  Stay in the know! Keep your eye on your mailbox, or your RSS feed, or your iPhone, or whatever way you reach out and touch the internets. The beard will soon be ready. So will the blog.



Drunk Driving Deserves Worse Than This

Bumper stickers are fighting the fight against drunk driving,  Since we’re heading into a holiday weekend that is sure to be replete with people eating too much burnt meat and drinking too much booze, the fight against dangerous driving behavior is being taken up once again by this powerful slogan:

Drive Sober Or Get Pulled Over


Who’s the Communication Genius who came up with this?

The consequence of drunk driving is…getting…pulled…over?

It’s like a store that has a shoplifting problem, so they post:

No Shoplifting. Violators will be glared at.

Or putting up a sign at a shark infested beach that says:

No Swimming.  Big Fishies here.

Or putting a sign outside Chernobyl that says:

You Might Not Want To Go Inside, It’s Kind Of Warm In There.

Or having a bridge wash out and warning:

Consider Turning Around or You May Ruin You Car’s Alignment.

Or being in Gilder  and putting up a sign proclaiming:

Stay Out Of Fire Swamp.  Little Flames, Sand, and Rodents Within!

Click to Read More, As You Wish


Biggest Loser Loses Big & Wins. World Shocked.

Or You CAN Win for Losing, Except Everyone Will Criticize You.

I watched about 2 minutes of The Biggest Loser a few years ago, so it’s fair to say I’m not a fan.  But I couldn’t help but notice today that the internets are all a-flutter with the shocking news that this season’s winner, now prepare yourself, lost a lot of weight and is skinny now!

If there’s anything that’s true in the United States is that we know that we’re a bunch of fat slobs who desperately need to lose weight, unless we lose weight, in which case we’re too skinny and need to gain weight.

It’s a lose/lose.

Biggest Loser contestant Rachael Frederickson won the contest yesterday by dropping from a starting weight of 260 pounds to a final weight of 105 pounds.  She lost the equivalent of me in the seventh grade.

Rachael Fredrickson Biggest Loser

People all over the interwebs immediately expressed their shock and dismay. I know it is possible to be too thin, but let’s have a little perspective folks.  She entered a weight loss contest. To her credit, she still has more body fat than a body builder…or a super model…or a Survivor contestant…or Mick Jagger.  Click for commentary from Mick Jagger


Rats Reveal Amazing Fact

Where would we be without scientists?  They discover great things, they really do, but everybody can’t be Joseph Salk.

In a quest to carry out its mission to provide “all the news that’s fit to print,” the New York Times gives us this article in which scientists and their rats reveal that Inactivity Changes the Brain.

lab rat

There are two awesome moments here.  The first comes after the author spends 95%  of article applying rat experiences to humans and then reveals that “Of course, rats are not people.” Thank you scientists, that’s very comforting, though I’m certain the inverse is sometimes true.

I’d tell you all about the study, but there is too much, so let me sum up:  scientists studied active rats versus inactive rats and found the lazy rats’ brains less responsive, compounded by the fact that the lazy rats had a higher incidence of heart disease.

Wow.  Tell me more! Don’t be a rat! Click!


Getting a Handle on Axe

When I was a kid and I saw that my mom had a bottle in the bathroom cabinet  labeled “Eau de Toilette.” I could tell from the look and stench of the bottle (to a 7-year-old boy, perfume is a stench), that it was perfume.  Mom told me that Eau was water in french, so it was literally toilet water.  I nodded and said “Ok,” but I was thinking, “That’s the dumbest name for anything that I’ve ever heard.”

No longer true, 7-year-old JT, no longer true.

Axe Shower Gel Bizarre Names

Between Dark Temptation and Anarchy, there is Peace. Don’t Axe why.

None of this makes scents to me. (See what I did there? Wow! Olfactory pun!) First of all, what is the smell of peace, as in peace signs? Woodstock after the rain? I don’t take a shower to accomplish that. And the other two?

Axe Me If You Want To Know


Colander List Item 2 – The Adult Onesie

I’ve started a Colander List … things I DON’T need to do before I kick the bucket. The list is just getting started, but today I add item number two:

1.  Travel through Europe for 21 days with one set of clothes
2.  Pose in a “grown up onesie” for a national ad

 Pajama Boy the Obamacare self parody

Thanks Pajama Boy!

This addition to the list came on me of a sudden today, because yesterday when I saw the Government Issue Meme #PajamaBoy, I didn’t realize that it was FOR REAL and not an intentional internet joke.  Based on the Pajama Boy ad, I went to barakobama.com/talk, saw their “Holiday” image and wrote a post poking fun at it, not at Pajama Boy.

BUT NO!  Pajama Boy is real!  He’s a genuine attempt to get young people interested in buying health insurance.  If the world is filled with marketing geniuses, they’re all hiding somewhere.  Pajama Boy won’t increase Obamacare enrollment, but he might lead to better health, if indeed laughter is good medicine.

Also, incidentally,  if a man in a onesie tries to talk to me about health insurance, I’m not logging onto healthcare.gov…I’m calling the police.

Will the marketers never learn?  I attempted to warn the world about this kind of imagery a couple of years ago with The Guile in Argyle.  This image from that post should have prevented this entire fiasco: Click to Stop the Onesies!


Obamacare for the Holidays

I found this website where somebody did a parody of the current Obamacare PR push.

An Obamacare Christmas

Kind of funny.  A “Healthcare for the Holidays” motif.  After all, what could be more fun than sitting around the table on Christmas Eve, and right before you clean the dishes to get ready to go to the candle light service (where you could catch fire and find yourself in need of insurance), you look across the table and there sits your brother-in-law (pictured above) looking sick to his stomach.

Don’t worry, he just wants to talk about getting you enrolled in Obamacare.

It’s kind of funny, complete with the ubiquitous Obama “O” logo. (I think in this case the “O” stands for “O! I didn’t know it would cost that much!”)

On the other hand, the parody is kind of over the top…the cynical combination of the Christmas Holiday with a blundering health policy.  Oh, wait… Continue Reading →


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